Unwinding The Swatch Group Smartwatch Announcement

Veröffentlicht: 8. Februar 2015 in Virtualisierung


The Swatch Group dropped a bombshell – in its staid way – announcing plans to release a smartwatch in the next three months, potentially to coincide with the April launch of the Apple Watch.

First, understand that watch companies don’t know how to market to tech consumers. As I wrote here, Swatch is an integral part in the haute horology industry, a sort of heavy base for the expensive Cloisonne vase of the higher end brands. But Swatch and its associated companies offer lifestyle, not tech. Every time they have, excepting a few very specific occasions including the excellent Tissot T-Touch line, they have floundered.

The news from Swatch is fairly limited. Essentially they’re proposing a simple smart watch focused on Windows and Android interoperability that can charge itself. How? Either through a rotating weight that will charge a very small internal battery or a linear weight that will…

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